The Snowflake Method story outline

This Story Plan is used to create a one line summary of your novel, plus a one paragraph description of the book. This is based on the popular Snowflake Method developed by Randy Ingermanson.

Visit the Snowflake Method website here.

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Write a one sentence summary of your novel: This should tell the story in as few words as possible, ideally less than 15. This is the big picture of your story, it will serve as your ten second selling tool if you need to pitch your novel.

Expand your sentence to one paragraph or around five sentences, describing the story narrative, major events and the ending.

Explain the setting and introduce the lead characters.

Explain the first quarter of the book, up to first disaster, where the hero commits to the story.

Explain the second quarter of the book, up to the second disaster, where the hero changes his mode of operations.

Explain the third quarter of the book, up to the third disaster, which forces the hero to commit to the ending.

Explain the fourth quarter of the book, where the hero has the final confrontation, and either wins or loses or both.

Now expand your paragraph into a one page summary.

Create a one page story summary. Expand each of the sentences in your previous summary into a full paragraph. All but the last paragraph should end in a disaster. The final paragraph should tell how the story ends.

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