Story Planner’s easy-to-follow steps help writers plan novels, screenplays and more.

Writing is easier when you have a plan. We take you through each stage of the planning process to help you create a better story.

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How Story Planner can help you

We offer a range of story plans to suit your writing style, whether you like a fast, easy planning method, or more detailed story structure.

We look at planning methods so you don't have to. We've selected the very best ways to plan a story and many popular methods used by successful writers.

Our plans can help with more than just plots. We can help you understand your characters, define your story setting, and understand why you write.

Story Planner Helper will guide you to choose the right plan. We have plans for every stage of the writing journey.


WriterLink is Story Planner’s sister site. It helps writers meet new friends for support and feedback on their journey to getting published. It lists groups, courses and services to help writers improve their skills.

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  • Choose from a vast range of templates.
  • Easy A-B-C steps to help plan story structure.
  • Save, edit and export your plans.
  • Try popular planning methods like the “Snowflake Method” and “The Hero's Journey”.
  • Keep all your ideas saved in one place. Add to and develop them when inspiration strikes.
  • Try Story Planner Novel Launcher to take you from idea to a book outline in 6 simple stages.
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Plan a better story

Have a story in mind but don't know where to start? Story Planner Helper can point you in the right direction.

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