The query letter

This plan will help you write a query letter to accompany your manuscript when you send it to an agent or publisher. Make sure you use standard business letter format, never go over a page, and address it to a specific individual if possible.

Query letters should try to convey the tone of the book. Show your personality in your letter, but don’t get too gimmicky! Let your novel do the talking. This template is only a guideline but it should ensure you cover all relevant points.

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What you are sending, the name of your work, the genre, any special reason for sending this work to this agent.

Write a line or two to describe your novel and hook your reader’s interest.

This should be one paragraph that describes the key points of your story in a compelling way.

This paragraph should describe any background relevant to your submission. This might include previous publication or wins in writing competitions, or your job if that’s connected to your story. You can also describe your project here, word count and genre (if not covered elsewhere) whether the book is finished, whether this is part of a series etc.

Give details of what you are submitting and thank the recipient for their time and consideration.