The Killogator™, a Log Line Generation Formula

The Killogator Log Line formula was invented by thriller author Graeme Shimmin. It helps you define the key elements of your story then build them into a great log line. For tips on how to use the Killogator formula see Graeme Shimmin’s Killogator Log Line Formula.

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Click the button to put this all together and then work on your log line. The formula is:

In a [Setting] a [Protagonist] has a [Problem] (caused by an [Antagonist]) and (faces [Conflict]) as they try to (achieve a [Goal]).

Eg. The British Secret Service asks a retired spymaster to find a soviet mole who must be one of his former protégés. He can trust no one as he tries to discover who the traitor is. (Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Spy by John Le Carré.)

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