Press Release plan

Story Planner’s press release template ensures you cover all the points journalist need for a news or magazine story. This press release plan might help you promote a business or product launch, or publicise an issue or campaign in a local newspaper.

Some tips when sending a press release:

  • Know the media you are sending it to and make sure it fits their publication.
  • Keep it short, preferably no more than 1 page.
  • The headline should be brief, ideally 8 words or less. Use this as the subject heading of your email.
  • Send the press release in the body of the email rather than as an attachment.
  • Send a photo or image too if you feel this will enhance your story.

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Press Release

Date of release. Write ‘For immediate release : (date)’ if you want the media to use the story as soon as they receive it. Write ‘Embargoed for: (time/date)’ if you want the media to wait for a future date.

Explain the story with a newsworthy headline the publication may use.

A single sentence to summarise the entire content.

Summarise the story, include all the key information, the who, what, where, when and why.

Add more details to flesh out the story you outlined in the first paragraph.

“Quotes” from someone relevant to the story. Make sure each quote covers one point. If you need to make another point start a new paragraph.

Extra relevant information.

Sum up your story.


These are bullet points with extra information.

Background information in case they run a longer story. Eg. Information about your company or a mission statement.
Outline what you have to offer (optional) Eg. pictures, interviewees
Outline any additional relevant information or facts and figures (optional)

Telephone numbers:

Telephone numbers:
Your group or business name:
Your group or business address:
Your group or business email
Your group or business website address: