One Page Synopsis Plan

This plan is based on classic story structure and aims to create a concise synopsis covering the key points of your story. Fill in each field, then put all these elements together and work on your story outline. Click on the ? to read examples based on the Bridget Jones’ Diary novel. (Contains spoilers.)

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A scene or setting that sets the stage for the story to come.

Who is the main character and what do they want?

What event or decision prompts the main character to take the first action?

Describe the first turning point in the story, which changes the book’s direction and sparks the action.

Describe story conflicts, the villain if there is one, and new characters the hero meets as they pursue their goal.

This is the middle of the book turning point. Describe the change that happens that swings the story in a new direction.

Describe here how winning may be possible, but then something goes badly wrong.

Describe how your main character is lower than low after the previous incident. What happens here?

Describe here how your main character picks themselves up and fights back. This is the final battle with the villain or antagonist force.

Tie up the loose ends here, does everyone live happily ever after?

What is the final scene? You should show your character’s new life here.

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