Non-fiction book proposal

If you are writing a non-fiction book agents and publishers need to see a proposal including author background, how the book fits the market, and a sample chapter. This plan helps you put together the perfect pitch for a non-fiction book.

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What is your book about? A brief description of your book’s concept. This is a short pitch that makes the book sound interesting and unique.

Who is your book aimed at? Explain the audience that your book targets.

Who are you and what are your credentials for writing this book? Show your experience in this field. Demonstrate your reach to your intended audience. What makes you uniquely qualified to write and promote this book? Are there media outlets or other means that will help you reach your audience?

What other books or resources are aimed at your target market? Show you have researched your subject area and a need for this book. Prove there is an audience who would find your book interesting. Make it clear that you book is different and will compel readers to buy it.

How will you promote this book? Make your plan concrete and realistic including as many numbers as you can. Eg. I can secure a speaking engagement at a conference attended by 5,000 people.

Write a short description of every chapter you will include in this book.

Include a complete and well-researched chapter to demonstrate the book’s style.