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2) Browse the Story Plans

Do you want to work on characters, your story setting, or plan your story’s structure? You’ll find a Story Plan to suit you. Favourite the plans you like the most and they’ll appear in your personal Favourite Plans category.

3) Select the Story Plan you’d like to try

Each Story Plan has simple prompts asking you to detail your story. Follow the steps in your own time to work on your story. We provide the logic - you to provide the creativity!

4) Save, preview or export your Story Plan

Check out how your plan looks. Save your plan and work on it later. Export your plan to PDF, text or a Word document. Print your Story Plan to use as a guide when you write, or use it as a starting point for a chapter or short story.

5) My Story Plans will help you organise your writing projects

Keep all your work-in-progress in one place. Come back to each idea and build it into a story ready to write. Store plans for your writing projects together, your novel might have a plan outlining story structure, plans for central characters, a log line and a chapter plan. You can use one plan or several, and choose the plans that suit your writing style.

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